Why hire a Bookkeeper?

Balancing work, holidays, family and other personal responsibilities, can be tricky especially if you're a Self-employed and running your business solo.   You want to be able to keep you business running smoothly while taking a time out.

That's where hiring a bookkeeper comes in, as a freelancer or small business owner you might think of it as a cost that you can't afford, but outsourcing your bookkeeping can save you time, money and stress. 

Read on to find out how..

What does a Bookkeeper do?

I hear you... before you hire a Bookkeeper you probably want to know what she/he does?

Bookkeeping is the first part of the accounting process,  it focuses on recording and organising financial data, while accounting is the interpretation and presentation of that data.

A Bookkeeper will keep an accurate track of the money coming into and out, carrying out tasks like managing the day-to-day cash flow, preparing for year-end tax returns and help keep the finances running efficiently

A good bookkeeper can ...

... help you stay on track with your finances

Regular bookkeeping is important,  even as a freelancer or small business.
Your bookkeeping is the foundation for monitoring your sales, expenses and profits, as well as understanding your cashflow and your progress towards your goals. 

Hiring a bookkeeper means you can keep track of your finances while your taking your time out

A professional bookkeeper can:  record and reconcile transactions, process invoices and payments, handle your payroll for you, identify potential issues in cash-flow, help identify spending patterns and budget accordingly.  Additionally they can also help with your VAT returns and prepare your financial statements and tax returns

... provide valuable business advice

Your bookkeeper is also a business owner, and a great confidant for discussing your business goals and challenges.

A good bookkeeper can help you identify areas where you can save money and make suggestions for increasing sales and help you identify potential problems in your cash flow.

You may find it hard delegate, but imagine the peace of mind if having a finance expert & a second pair of eyes on your business while you're taking a holiday

... help prioritise your workload

When you take a break, there's always a temptation to keep checking on work or keep working, and not spend the time with with your family.   

You didn't start your business to be a bookkeeper so hiring a bookkeeper to handle your financial tasks can help you prioritise your workload so you can do what you need to do, and enjoy time with your family.

... saves you time and money

It's hard to think that hiring an additional person into your team as saving money, but think of it this way.
If you hire a professional bookkeeper to handle tasks that aren't in your specialist area you will save the time in not having to do them yourself.  With this extra time you are free to do what you do best and so earning an additional income.  Also bookkeeper can save you from making costly mistakes when doing your own bookkeeping.

You may never question the cost and value of hiring a bookkeeper

... gives you peace of mind

When you know that a professional bookkeeper is managing your finances not just while you’re away but every day of your business gives you limitless peace of mind.

You can always be confident that your business finances are up to date, so you can get on with running your business armed with the information you need to make good, timely decisions.

& so should you hire a bookkeeper if you're a Freelancer?

Hiring a bookkeeper isn't just a good move for covering holidays & time away, it's a great move for the life of your business.

It allows you to focus on what you really need to do as a business owner and take that well earned break while knowing that everything financial happens smoothly behind the scenes.

No more falling behind with your financial tasks or last minute panic to complete a VAT return, & be ready to submit your self-assessment early and know you tax liability in advance  

Ready to claim your time back 

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Not ready to make the leap and outsource just yet

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