Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper will keep an accurate track of the money coming into and out of a business, carrying out tasks like managing the day-to-day cash flow & accounting transactions, preparing for year-end tax returns and help keep the finances running efficiently.

Where are you based?

I'm based in Suffolk, but by working remotely I can help you from here - no matter where you are in the UK.

What do you mean by Virtual Bookkeeper?

Virtual means I work remotely using accounting software that is linked to secure Cloud-based servers.  This means I work with you whether you are local or at the other end of the UK, services can be provided as if we are in the same office but without the overheads of paying for the office accommodation.

It doesn't mean you won't see me or have no why of communicating,  it is very much an in person service just using technology to meet or talk.

Are you qualified?

Yes.  I am qualified with the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) 

I am also licenced with them as a Bookkeeper and regulated with them for Anti-Money Laundering supervision.

Can I visit you in person?

I work from my home so don't accept client visits to the 'office',  but if you are local or within a reasonable travel distance I can arrange to meet and a mutually convenient place. 
(Current Covid19 regulations adhered to) 

What are your opening hours?

I work with clients Monday - Thursday between 9am & 5pm.   
I do give my existing clients priority during the day, so check my emails for support messages and enquiries twice a day, and aim to respond within 24hrs.

If you are looking to book an introductory call, my appointments are open between 10-11am or 3.30pm-4.30pm (Monday - Thursday)

How regularly will we meet if I hire you as my bookkeeper?

This will be dependent on your contract,  but as general rule:
Monthly Packages - will include one review meeting/video call per month
Quarterly Packages  - will include one review meeting/video call per quarter (every 3 months)

DIY Packages or One Off projects  - do not include a review meeting but a support/review meeting add-on package is available.

I do encourage regular communication by email or telephone to support you with questions during the month/quarter.

Can I message you on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger?

Once you have signed up as a client, I do provide support via WhatsApp, rather than SMS but I tend not to use Facebook Messenger for client support.

Which accounting software to you use?

I will use Freeagent, if you are self-employed because it links nicely with the HMRC for self-assessment submission which makes things easy, efficient and tidy. 

& Xero would be my first choice for limited companies 

This is not to say that if you are self-employed and prefer Xero we can't use it!

Is accounting software included in your bookkeeping packages?

If you are new to the software, I can provide a licence -  the licence fee will be included in the montly package fee.
If your are already using Xero or Freeagent and wish to continue,  you can invite me into your account without having to transfer it or purchase a new licence through me.

Can I keep my accounts in a spreadsheet?

If you only have minimal monthly transactions, and you find it easier to use spreadsheets you can continue.  However, as of April 2023 new rules for submitting Self-Assessment returns digitally will come into force, so I would encourage you to consider starting the move to accounting software sooner rather than later so that you are fully prepared for 2023. (update Sept21,  this has been delayed to April 2024)

If you have multiple sources of Income and/or a large volume of monthly transactions I would encourage you to use accounting software as it is will save time and money inputting and processing the transactions.

If your question hasn't been answered..

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