Helping you look after your numbers, so you can look after your business

A range of services and packages to help you understand your accounts with clarity,  reclaim your free time and keep on top of your bookkeeping

Accounting For You

A 1:1 service for those that have reached their capacity for juggling the different tasks associated with
running a business single-handed.

A choice of monthly or quarterly packages tailored to suit you and your business.

Quarterly Support

for Freelancers / Sole-Traders

A quarterly service for self-employed individuals with a single source of income (or side-hustle) who are looking for help with the basic bookkeeping to prepare their self-assessment.

  • Freeagent subscription (with mobile app)
  • Paperless invoice / receipt submission
  • Data entry: Transaction processing (average of 25 transactions per month)
  • Bank Reconciliations (up to 2 bank accounts e.g. Bank & Credit Card)
  • Quarterly: Management Reports *
  • Quarterly: 1:1 Review Meeting (Video call) - 
  • Self-Assessment prepared
  • Email/Phone Communication 

From £50* Per month

* If Freeagent used with a RBS/Natwest/Mettle account (free licence)

Virtual Bookkeeper

Monthly Bookkeeping

For small business owners that don’t have time to do keep on top of the bookkeeping themselves.  Supporting you with fortnightly bookkeeping entries and monthly management reports to help you understand your numbers.

  • Xero (with Hubdoc) or Freeagent subscription
  • Paperless invoice / receipt submission
  • Data entry: Transaction processing(unlimited transactions - updated fortnightly)
  • Bank Reconciliations (up to 5 accounts)
  • Monthly: Management Reports *
  • Monthly: 1:1 Review Meeting (video call)
  • Annual Accounts prepared
  • Email/WhatsApp/Phone Communication

From £125* Per month

*Starter package if you have less than 50 transactions per month

Virtual Finance Manager

Monthly Bookkeeping

For small business owners, with a growing business but are not ready to employ a full-time finance department.  Weekly support with bookkeeping entries, accounts receivable and payable management, payroll, and monthly management reports.

  • Xero (with Hubdoc) subscription
  • Paperless invoice / receipt submission
  • Data entry: Transaction processing (unlimited transactions - updated weekly)
  • Bank Reconciliations (unlimited accounts)
  • Monthly: Management Reports *
  • Monthly: 1:1 Review Meeting (video call)
  • Full management of Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • VAT Return checked & filed
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Annual Accounts prepared 
  • Email/WhatsApp/Phone Communication

From £525 Per month

Accounting By You

For those that feel confident doing their own bookkeeping but occasionally hit a block and
are confused by the answers given on ‘google’!

When you just need ask:  How do I …?

A Support Hour

Or Bookkeeping Clinic! A chance to discuss and seek a solution to that one burning question that is keeping you awake.

The Catch-Up

You’ve been doing your own books but life has gotten in the way and now you’re behind and your accountant is pushing you to get your accounts to him/her so you taxes can be filed.

Not only can we get you up to date we’ll also review your systems aiming to help you streamline and manage your bookkeeping, so you don’t get behind again.

Accounting With You

A group membership program, for those that don’t feel ready or able to fully outsource their bookkeeping but aren’t confident that they understand the processes to do it completely on their own.  What I like to call a 1+1 service, where I support you to complete your own bookkeeping and help you understand the What & the Why.

The membership will provide self-paced modules to help you understand the basic of bookkeeping, their will also be two monthly group calls (using Zoom):

·       a Q&A session giving you the opportunity to ask questions live to myself and find out how others overcame similar issues.

·       An Accountability / Implementation session. An opportunity for you to book an hour into your diary every month in order to work on those pesky bookkeeping tasks you keep putting off.

You will also have an option to book at a discounted rate a 1:1 Power Hour, for those questions you’d rather not discuss in the group.

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